10 Jan

An update on the raptor situation

Everyone’s having cute (sometimes silly) little nicknames for their baby-bumps. Ours is Göte. Marie came up with the name as we were walking the streets of Göteborg (get it?) after the embryo was returned.

The above image is from an ultrasound at week 14. The next one is from week 19.

Sure has an adorable little nose. 😍 I seriously can’t wait to get to know this tiny little baby-raptor.

Hold up! It’ll get bigger, they’ll say..

I know..

And feistier, they’ll add..


Maybe if it’s imprinted on us, very early on, it won’t try to eat our faces? Uh, I’m probably not the first parent who had those ideas, huh?

See you around!

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ