17 Jun

Player 3 has joined the game

“I guess at the speed I’m updating, the next time I’m writing will be after the baby is born.”

-Me, more than a year ago


This won’t be super-long, but I wanted to finally introduce our raptor – Agnes. She was born the 18th of June, 2016 – which, if you do the math, means she’s turning one tomorrow! (Jebus, yeah, this has taken me a while)..

It took me a few days (go figure), but I posted the following image to twitter:

As calm as that may sound, it was a turbulent start for Agnes. A hasty caesarean (grade 2, turned grade 1) gave us quite a scare. Her values were dropping and she had to come out, fast. Marie was anesthetized and I was thrown out of the room.

I felt awful. Hopeful. Scared and so alone. One moment I was a wreck. The next, a dad. I think that is the strangest feeling in the world. Also the most wonderful. But the fact that it was I who got to meet Agnes first, and not Marie, will always make me sad. It’s so incredibly unfair considering everything she had to go through for us to get here.

As it turned out, the reason for the bad values was that Agnes had a sinus node dysfunction (which has since matured and corrected itself), meaning we had to spend a few days in the neonatal nursery for observation before we were released and could return home with our little raptor. My memory of the events are still a bit cloudy from the shock, but the medical staff were brilliant, taking good care of us.

I never knew it was possible to love someone this much. With every day, week or month passing, I find myself ever more astonished how lucky we were to get such a wonderful girl. Every day is an adventure, for good or for bad. I won’t lie; some days I am convinced she actually has the mind of a raptor..

She has the most beautiful smile. No matter how bad a mood I’m in, she can melt my heart to a mushy puddle. I think she gets that from Marie. And Marie keeps saying Agnes has me wrapped around her finger. I think she’s right. I’m in trouble with these two..

Watching her grow has been an amazing journey. Watching her slowly start to move around, to quickly moving around – when she’s moving towards something she know she’s not allowed near, and I’m on my way to grab hold of her; with a delighted cry she’ll try and crawl 300% faster. She’s just adorable. Recently, Agnes has started standing up. I don’t think it will be long before I have to run to chase her..

Anyways. There’s a little something. I’ll try my very best (it’s not very good) to write more often. Let me end this by pointing to my twitter, where you’ll find I post way more frequently than here. And it’s quality stuff, for sure.. 😉

See you around!

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ